CANADA and BRAZIL have many things in common

CANADA and BRAZIL have many things in common: the continental distances, an awesome Natural Environment, enormous areas of low population density – and Roman Catholic Church present all around in a gigantic effort to bring Jesus` ideals everywhere.

Compare these numbers:

BRAZIL has and AREA of 8,511,965 sq km, a little smaller than CANADA, which has 9,976,140 sq km.
The POPULATION in CANADA is only 32.207.113 people in contrast to 182.032.604 inhabitants in BRAZIL. From these, 12.498.605 people are Roman Catholic in CANADA, in contrast of the huge amount of 122,000,000 of Roman Catholic people in BRAZIL.
CANADA has an enormous mostly chilly coastline length of 243,791 km in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, in contrast to the 7,408 km of white sandy tropical Brazilian coastline.

While in BRAZIL the tropical climate presents annual temperatures always above 22 C, the climate and temperatures in Canada has a dramatic range of variation, from Temperate to Arctic climates that can vary as much as from

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