A relevant mean for evangelization

Since the Church encounters people of many cultures and religions, missioners should engage in dialogue, witness and sharing of life when they carry out their work, agree Korean Father Augustine Kim Myong-dong, Filipino Father Jose Vidamor Yu and Indian Father Kurian Ammanathukhunnel

Father Kim, whose society was founded in 1975, said past mistakes should teach missioners today that they must not entice people to Christianity with material benefits. Rather, he said, missioners must begin by listening to local people and be open to their culture, background and life situation. Only then can missioners share their faith with the people, said the priest, who heads a society that currently has 45 priests working in Cambodia, China, Papua New Guinea, Russia and Taiwan.

According to Father Yu, “In the past many mistakes were made, but we cannot blame the Church because culture grows, people change and the method of evangelization has to change as well.”

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